CiCi Calling Card

CiCi is Gold Line's most popular and reliable calling card. CiCi rates look higher than on other calling cards, but consumers get the excellent quality of line, accurate minute-by-minute billing and no fees of any kind. The minutes published on CiCi phone card poster are the minutes consumers actually get. CiCi phone card could be used from anywhere in Canada. In areas with no local access numbers consumers may use toll-free access number, receiving the same rate as with any local access number.


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CiCi phone card
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CiCi Calling Card provides list of access numbers for all major cities in Canada. In other areas toll-free access number 1-866-312-5247 could be used without extra charges (provides the same rates as with any local access number, only works for CiCi Calling Cards sold online, CiCi sold in local stores may have different list of access numbers).


Calling Instructions:

1. Dial local or toll free access number from the list supplied in your calling card email.
2. Select your language: (1: English. 2: French. 3: Spanish. 4: Cantonese. 5: Mandarin. 6: Russian. 7: Italian).
3. Enter your PIN number at the prompt (your PIN will be sent by email after online order)
4. Dial your destination number
    for Canada, United States and Caribbean dial: 1+...,
    for International access dial 011+(country code)+.).


CiCi Product Line

Traditional CiCi Calling card is available in stores in a form of regular calling card and online, in the form when all required calling card information is sent by email. Customer may purchase online version directly on this web site, CiCi Phone Card web site and Ontario Phone Cards.

Region specific CiCi Cards

In additional to traditional CiCi Phone Card, Gold Line now offers three region specific phone cards: CiCi Euro, CiCi Latino and CiCi Asia. These cards offer the same great quality and features as traditional CiCi card with better rates for specific region. Please note that rates for countries outside of the specific region may be higher than on traditional CiCi card.

PIN Less products

CiCi is also available in form of prepaid PIN Less account E-Z Call Calling Plan. This prepaid account could be used from any number of account registered phones. For iPhone and Android smartphones CiCi is available as CiCi Mobile App. CiCi Mobile allows to dial directly from smart phone address book without entering PIN number. iPhone and Android versions of CiCi Mobile provide 60 minutes trial upon account registration. CiCi Mobile App balance could be topped up using CiCi Mobile Top-Up vouchers.


Terms of Service

Customer is responsible for the following potential charges:

Usage is based on one-minute increments: For every one minute of use or less, customer shall be charged for the full minute. Additional charge of one cent per minute applies for calls placed through an 866 access number from Canada. Additional charge of three cents per minute applies for calls placed through an 866 access number from USA. An additional charge of fourteen cents per minute applies for calls placed through an 866 access number from North West Territories, Alaska and Hawaii. Additional charge of one dollar and fifty cents may apply for calls made through public telephones. A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks beyond our control. Premium rates for certain destinations may apply. For details on rates and dialing instructions please contact customer service. A maintenance fee equal to the face value of the card will be charged 180 days from first use. Calls made from cell phones use airtime or may accrue roaming charges when calling from outside your local calling area, please contact your cellular provider for more information. Minutes advertised are subject to change without notice. Please contact customer service at 1.866.764.4545 for greater detail. Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only. This card has no expiry date and is non refundable.


Order CiCi Phone Card online

Calling Card PIN, access and instructions will be sent by email.

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